Welcome to Serbia,

The country that had been through innumerable ups and downs before it finally learned how to compromise and turned everything up-side-down. Take, for example these truths:

1) In most countries traffic signs are made to set you on the right path.
In Serbia they are cleverly designed to do the very opposite.
2) In the majority of civilised countries the vehicle coming from the right is usually in the right. In Serbia, a van is always in the right, so you`d better make way for it . This rule is also known as van-dalism.
3) If you are drinking tea in England, you are having an enjoyable time.
If you are drinking tea in Serbia, you haven`t got much time left to enjoy.
4) Most Europeans value branded goods.
Most Serbs value good brandy (a.k.a. rakija).
5) Most people live at home and go abroad on holiday.
Most Serbs live abroad and come home on holiday.

If that is the case, who lives in Serbia then? Well, this country seems to be largely inhabited by foreign adventurers and the rest “domestic optimists”.
So, if you happen to be one of those foreign enthusiasts living in Serbia and struggling with its language, feel free to contact us any time. You may think you`ll never get a grasp of our sounds and cases, but we`re optimists!

donji deo sveske